About Grammy

Grammy was born in 1915 and passed on at the age of 90! She loved to serve a good meal to her family and frowned upon anyone who would not eat more than their share :)

I remember her tastes to be very elegant, from her clothes and jewelry, to her apartment decor, her hobbies and entertainment choices, and especially her food. It shocked me often when she took us to McDonald's --but she loved us and she knew what we liked!

The foods I remember most are her pineapple salad and her Waldorf salad. The pineapple salad was simple, yet as everything, presented in a decorative way. The Waldorf salad was certainly not one of my favorites, but I ate it--otherwise I would suffer the frown and the wagging finger :)( I wish it was that easy with my children!)

I remember other foods that she served us as well, but no recipes were needed for these-english muffins every morning with lots of real butter, ice cream with lots of chocolate syrup, and just about anything she knew we liked. My little brother was bombarded with chocolate covered raisins throughout his life!

I hope to remember more foods that she served us as I go through her recipe box and post them on this blog. But if not, it will still be an adventure as many of her recipes are very unusual to my "down home" tastes. (case in point-Sparkling Beet Cups and Tuna Jello Salad)