A Book Note

I found a note about a book on the back of one of Gram's recipe cards. It's pretty neat to find little bits of her life in her recipe box!

The book is, Finding A Job: A Resource Book for Middle Aged and Retired.
It was very hard to find on the web--it's not available from Amazon.com or eBay or any other book seller online as far as I can tell.

I did find it on WorldCat. This is a service that allows you to search libraries around the world.

Even though I can't find much about this book, it is neat to know that Gram would have been looking for a job. Any little glimpse into her life is nice.

She loved the library, and I loved going there with her. We could take a walk to the library from her apartment. I remember it being such a big, clean, spacious library! We would rent movies as well as get books. One movie she choose for us was Jane Eyre. To this day I love that story! Grammy, my little brother and I watched this together. When there was kissing Grammy would say, "Look they're smooching!". Now I think that's funny--then I was a bit uncomfortable!

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