Ice cream pie a la Mattson Recipe

Ice cream pie a la Mattson
A round, trouble free frozen dessert that can be prepared days or weeks before the party:
Take a 10-inch spring pan for molding the dessert. Line the bottom with crushed macaroon crumbs. Partially thaw a 1/2 - gallon carton of any ice cream you like. make a layer of the entire 1/2 - gallon, spooning in on top of the macaroon crumbs and flattening out the top. Pour 1 can of Hershey's chocolate sauce on top of the ice cream then another layer of macaroon crumbs and freeze this mixture. Remove from freezer and add a second 1/2 - gallon of ice cream (any flavor you like) on top of the frozen chocolate sauce. Refreeze until serving time. Unmold the pie by springing open the mold. Place pie on a platter and garnish all over with a layer of about 3 or 4 finely crushed Heath candy bars that have been chilled.
Serves 10-12

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