Gotterspeise Gods Meal

Gotterspeise is translated as "food of the gods" and "jelly" and "Jell-o". Hmmm...who knew that jell-o was so good that even "the gods" like it?

This is handwritten, so this is my best attempt at a translation.

Gotterspeise Gods Meal

1 jar (1 pound 1 oz) dark sweet pitted cherries, leaving fruit in jar refill jar c light rum (I'm guessing this means that you should drain the juice from the jar, then fill back up with light rum.)
Marinate in refrigerator for 3 days.
Dry (?) slices of dark pumpernickel bread for 2 - 3 days - grate into 2 cups of crumbs which resemble coarsely ground coffee. ( I can't figure out how many slices you need.)

When ready to assemble dessert, drain cherries - reserving the rum. Add rum to crumbs until slightly moist. Whip 1 pt. whipping cream then add half of whipped cream to crumbs.

Fill 4 parfait glasses: (This is my interpretation of what she wrote - not verbatim.)

1. Dollop of whipped cream
2. Layer of crumbs
3. Layer of cherries

Repeat and finish with whipped cream on top and cherry.

Hey, this actually sounds good...I'm not too sure about the pumpernickel bread,but I'm willing to give it a try. Now, if only I could find some gluten free pumpernickel bread .....

Not yo Mamma's Jell-0.

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